Saturday, 13 August 2016

Standing on the other side of Lecture stand

It was a great experience of standing on the other side of the lecture stand. Normally i saw many people standing on the lecture stand and delivering lectures to the whole class. It seems very normal and is the routine of almost every professor to stand there and ask students to follow his instructions.

Also it was normal for me to just stand on the lecture stand and deliver the lecture. All the people stand after me in respect, some willingly and some unwillingly. But they stand still and waits for my instruction to sit down. All the faces were new to me so am i. So i started with little introduction about myself and my qualifications. All eyes ware looking at me as i am a magician who is going to open the box and a pigeon  flew out of it. But it was just my perception, i heard a sound from the last desk,"Sir we are unable to hear your voice, please speak loud". The first time i realize that it is not that easy as i thought. I just toned my throat and start from the beginning. I completed my introduction and asked them for giving the introduction.

They were the fresh undergraduate student who just started their UG. Their mind was not grown to the college level, as they were not expecting this thing. Nobody stand up for introduction. I ask a girl sitting at at the first bench for her introduction. She started with looking at her fellow classmates,"My name is...." and then stopped. I asked her about her past school and life she only uttered only 2-3 lines and then muted. This was the way of introduction of most of the students. Some were good, they explained their past life with confidence, may be the wordings was not correct but their level of confidence was much better than most of the students. 

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